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For Colleagues Making Referrals

First, thank you for the referral.  If you wish to make a referral of a client for intensive work (the only way I work), please consider these things:


1. Highly dissociative clients are not suitable for this format unless they are very far along in their work. It is respectfully requested that you do not send your most fragile vulnerable injured people for me to only have to reject them because its not in their interest to work in this format.  If there is a question, it is far better for you to make inquiry first and THEN refer if we agree its appropriate. 

2. Please indicate how you have assessed this client for dissociation. If you have not assessed deeply, please consider administering the MID by Paul Dell, available at no charge at  

Send the results to me with client initials or first name only (for HIPAA security) to if you still think the referral is appropriate. The DES-II is a screening device only, not a diagnostic device. The SCID-D is also helpful but requires more training, so the MID is more readily usable for most.  

3. Please let me know that you intend to support the client both BEFORE and AFTER the intensive. Have the client sign mutual consent forms (available on my Client Portal).  In the event the work involves attachment/abandonment/betrayal, we don't want them feeling abandoned when they leave the intensive if their work is incomplete. Most feel considerable relief and transformation, but some are incomplete in their work when we run out of time.

4. Please have the client review the FAQ section of this website to answer their basic questions.  Thank you again.  

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