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"When There Are No Words" Virtual Practicum

This is a 2 half-day practicum featuring opportunities to practice:
"Resetting Affective Circuits" and "Temporal Integration"
with Dr. Sandra Paulsen's LIVE feedback and consultation.
Early Trauma Approach (1)_edited.jpg
The original "When There Are No Words" early trauma approach to EMDR therapy was first developed by Katie O'Shea, LMHC, and was later adapted by Sandra Paulsen, PhD to provide additional considerations when treating individuals with complex trauma and dissociation. This modified EMDRIA-approved EMDR therapy protocol is aimed to reprocess early trauma and neglect in implicit memory, e.g., attachment wounds, foster and adoption trauma, early medical and birth trauma, etc.  
The "When There Are No Words" training is available at 
Participants must be licensed and have taken the training prior to attending the virtual practicum.
"When There Are No Words" virtual practicum offers an opportunity to practice both step 3: resetting affective circuits (day 1) and step 4: temporal integration (day 2). 
  • Day 1: Resetting Affective Circuits - Thursday 8/1/24, 9:00am - 12:30pm PDT
  • Day 2: Temporal Integration - Thursday 8/15/24, 9:00am - 1:00pm PDT
*Handouts will be provided prior to the event. 
*No CEs for this event
For any additional questions, please contact Patricia Torres via email at
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