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Sandra only does intensive work with people who have a therapist at home to receive them at the end or in between intensives. Your current therapist should refer you through the referral form under For Professionals. 

You'll register through a secure website. Please follow the instructions, and make sure you 1) indicate that you are there for clinical work, 2) complete the HIPAA forms and 3) fill in your correct time zone for scheduling. Then Sandra can find you a time.   


Schedule with Sandra

Once your registration with is completed, send a secure message through the Client Portal to tell Sandra you are ready to schedule. Intensives range from a day to three days and beyond, depending upon your needs. Online video appointments are typically 45 or 90 minutes. 


Pay for your session via PayPal

Payment is due on the day of service. Thank you for the courtesy of a prompt payment. 

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